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Over 100 technology systems sold over the last two years.

Brookhuis has a unique product range of strength grading systems, all provided with a unique TGT technology developed in cooperation with wood specialists of leading International institutes.  From handheld to high speed.

Timber Grader MTG: Multi usable low cost Strength Grading. Handheld.

This system is used by renowned institutes and universities, worldwide.
The convenient  wireless Timber Grader MTG is very user-friendly and can be used virtually anywhere, any time and for anything. Whether it is for strength grading timber to be purchased or processed, sorting of wood in strength classes, or for research and education.

MTG handheld device

The performance of the Timber Grader MTG is comparable to that of mechanical grading systems and gives significant  better grading than visual strength grading. As a result more timber ends up in a higher grading class. The Timber Grader MTG measures both hardwood and softwood and it can be used anywhere in the world by upgrading it with additional strength class licences.