Data based control of cleanroom monitoring

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Brookhuis combines common sense and technology to help its customers to improve their product yield and to reduce integral costs. Brookhuis provides products, services and support to improve and control the operational quality of clean controlled environments.

A cleanroom is a controlled environment with an installation that removes airborne particles by air flow and does not introduce particles by this air flow. Not all particles > 5 µm are removed by air flow because of deposition on all surfaces. The number of particles that are not removed because of deposition increases with particle size (50 % for particles > 80 % for particles > 25 µm and >90 % for particles > 40 µm).

The resulting air cleanliness for all particle sizes during operation (when people are working in the cleanroom) can be monitored by measuring the concentration of airborne particles up to 5 µm and by measuring the particle deposition of particles > 5 µm and the resulting surface cleanliness at critical locations.

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Particle deposition


Surface cleanliness