The APMON monitors the deposition of particles at the location of the sensor(s) real-time 24/7.

The  APMON consists of a sensor with cartridge and a powerful mini-pc with licensed software.

The measurement data is displayed in clear overviews, ideal for monitoring your contamination control.

The APMON is derived from the APMON PRO. The APMON PRO is already used in many companies all over the world.

The APMON is future proof and easily upgradeable to the APMON PRO.

The APMON measures the size, area coverage, number of particle and time of deposition of macro-particles that are not counted with a light scattering airborne particle counter.

  • The APMON counts real-time deposited particles sizes larger than 15µm each period of 5 minutes.
  • The APMON provides data 24/7.
  • User friendly software provides valuable information in clear overview.
  • The APMON counts and sizes the unknown threat of your product.
  • The APMON monitors the impact of your cleanroom on your product.
  • The cost of ownership of the APMON are low.

APMON: Advanced Particle Deposition Monitor:


Developed for Technology of Sense in close corporation with TNO, the Dutch
Center for Applied Research the particle deposition measurement system.
Used worldwide by industry leaders as Micron Technologies, NXP
semiconductors, European Space Agency and many others.


Electronics rain meters and datalogging of surface water humidity sensors and controllable peristaltic pumps. Major appliances for environmental and quality measurements.


Temperature Loggers for frozen transports and sterilization processes


Urodynamic systems developed for leading urodynamic companies worldwide.


Developed CO2 control system.
ComfoSchool is an innovative, sustainable ventilation ceiling for classrooms.
The system automatically provides a constant fresh air quality and contributes significantly to an optimal temperature control.

ComfoSchool is composed of the three elements: the air handling unit, the  automatic control and the sound-absorbing ceiling.